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We had a very successful presentation on Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Population status off Istria and in Slovenia, yesterday on the Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Students were delighted to hear what incredible adaptations these marine mammals have developed to be able to survive in a tough marine environment. More on:

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We are celebrating 10 years of our unique glass dome and Thermal Centre of hotel Thermana Park Laško **** Superior!

Wellenes Center - Hotel Thermana Park Laško
Welcome! More about:

Dragi otroci in starši!
V torek, 5. decembra 2017, nas bo v Slovenia Eco resortu obiskal Sv. Miklavž v spremstvu angelčkov in parkeljnov.
Da bomo obudili in hkrati ohranili kulturno dediščino ter star slovenski običaj, se bo Sv. Miklavž sprehodil od hišice do hišice in obdaroval pridne otroke.
Zbrali se bomo ob 17.uri.
Lepo vabljeni!
Dogodek je brezplačen.

Predbožična ustvarjalna delavnica za otroke in odrasle
V Slovenia Eco resortu se bo v petek, 01.12.2017, ob 17. uri, pričelo pravo praznično vzdušje.
Otroci in odrasli bomo ustvarjali adventne venčke in druge božične okraske in zagotavljamo vam, da boste pod vodstvom ustvarjalne Veronike, domov odnesli čudovite in tudi uporabne izdelke, ki bodo praznično obarvali vaš dom.
Prispevek za delavnico: odrasli: 3€, otroci 1,5€.
Obvezne prijave na

Noč čarovnic v Eko resortu, v soboto, 28. 10. 2017, od 16.30 dalje. Brezplačne ustvarjalne in športne delavnice za otroke, pečen kostanj,. kuhano vino, izbor najbolj domiselne buče. Vstopnine ni!

The latest trend in taking a selfie is using those small flying cameras - pocket drones. The idea is great: you take it out of your pocket, turn it on and voila! You can take a selfie.

AirSelfie, for example, is one of those small and compact flying cameras, created by two Italian young brothers, which could be integrated directly in your smartphone cover. It has a 5 megapixels camera on board and it comes packed with a 4 GB memory card.

SelFly is another similar project, based in Boston, which was backed on Kikstarter and Indiegogo with over 2 milion dollars and has even beter camera with 8 megapixels of resultion. The team behind SelFly frone is stating that their drone will be able to fly for 5 minutes when fully charged and this should be ok for taking 15-20 selfies.

As we have played with a bigger rc helicopters and drones in the past we are a litle bit skeptic of how wind will afect those little ones but any way we should get our hands on it first and test those smartphone-sized drones.

We wish all the best to both teams and hope to get some creasy selfie mashines in our hands soon.

This time we were trying out the Harmony Program (a complete psychological and physical relaxation) and explored the island of Pašman in Croatia.

If you want to clear your mind and relax your body than Pašman is a place to go ...

Complete adventure here:

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