POiNT is a special DiscoverAll gadget that, if found, can be scanned with regular QR-code scanner or taped with NFC enabled phone.

Both technologies (visual code scanning/decoding and near field communication) are nothing new but in this case they are very usefull.

Currently there is not a lot of POiNTS (or Smart points) around but we hope that with this sistem you will help us change this. We think that there is no easier way of getting an information from the wall into the phone (especially with NFC).

Why the DiscoverAll POiNT is so special? Because it is made with love. Colors are selected with care, so that it will not disturb those who don′t know what it is - but they will get interested (we hope :) ).

POiNT will evolve - it will be more and more beautifull and made in many variations with different colours and from different materials ...

POiNT - example

An example of POiNT in combination with info panel. Located in Land of Jurij Vega, Slovenia.

Explore this point here.

QR code

Quick Response Code or QR code is a two-dimensional code. It is a machine-readable optical label that contains a piece of information that can resolve in more data about some object.

QR code system was invented in 1994 by Denso, Japan.

POiNT - example

POiNT - example


Near Field Communication or NFC is a short range wireless technology which enables a transfer of a small amount of data between two NCF enabled devices or a NFC tag and NFC device.

NFC tag does not require a power source and also no pairing is needed before it can be used.

The first NFC phone was Nokia 6131 released in 2006.

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