Premium is unlocking a great new functionality on DiscoverAll.

Your premium points will be visible on all maps and can be discovered and explored by Members and Guests.

Premium account have even more interesting options to offer:

• point is visible in explore site - next to map view
• point is visible in recommended neighbor points under other points in vicinity
• add contact data in head of your point so it will be stylish and more visible
• adds a PREMIUM badge on you account (ind)
• advanced visits (ind)
• some secrets that we can not disclose yet (one of them is opening hours module)

We prepared two different plans to suit individual needs of different types of organizations

Points included
Number of included points 10
Additional point price 250 € / 10 points / year
Year plan 250 € / year
For local tourist societies, clubs, municipalities and other
similar local organizations who wants to promote local
sightseeing, beautiful places and heritage ...

Premium ONE
Points included
Number of included points 1
Additional point price 35 € / point / year
Year plan 95 € / year
For business owners, attractions, museums, ...