Join the community of people who love to explore the World. Content on DiscoverAll is created by members and this is the most important fact.

On DiscoverAll you can easily and quickly find new ideas for your next trip or maybe the idea of where to take your loved ones or simply how to spend your free time.


DiscoverAll Network is a global platform for discovering and creation of adventures. Users can easily and quickly get new ideas for trips, travel or ideas of how to spend some time when you're somewhere or just going there. The most important feature of DiscoverAll is the possibility of co-creation of content that lets other members look on an adventure through the eyes of a real visitor. Your eyes. Eyes of the Explorer.

What is

DiscoverAll Network is your tool for discovering and creating adventures.


Quickly and easily find new ideas that will enrich your weekend, week or month - if you are at home or abroad.


The most important feature on DiscoverAll is the option to add your own Spots that you would like to present to the Community.


Have you visited the location with the help of a DiscoverAll? Click I am here and start creating your travel log.

Adventures that
will not leave you unemotional

If you are dreaming of a trip or adventure you will definitely find something on DiscoverAll. Watch the video of one of the adventures that can be found only on DiscoverAll.


Discover the DiscoverAll Network.


Growing community of members and supporters. Invite your friends and acquaintances. Everyone knows about some good adventure.


The most basic element of DiscoverAll. The Point can be a restaurant, museum, viewpoint, street, lake, spring, etc.


Points can be connected to form the adventure. You can quickly and easily put your experience in to digital story.


Discover what you can see and do in your vicinity. Find the best choice that suit you most.

/Create stories

Quickly and easily create and tell stories.

/Stay connected

Keep track of all the news from different locations - in one place

Your content can be added on any Point (not just yours) You can post YouTube video, photos or just text.

DiscoverAll Guide

Experience Adventures using DiscoverAll Guide that will take you from Point to Point, and also greatly facilitate and simplify your experience.

While exploring the adventures you can choose between:

  • View will show you the Connections Between Points

  • Save will save the adventure to your favorite adventures. Thus the adventure will be always on the tip of the finger.

  • START will start the DiscoverAll Guide. To get started, click on the first Point.

Create Adventures

Each and every Point can be an adventure by it self.

There are many flavors around the world so don't limit your creativity while creating Adventures. You can create a culinary adventure, sports adventure, history involveing adventure, sightseeing adventure or combination of all those..

The best thing when creating adventures is that you can include each and every Point on DiscoverAll. So no limitations (for now :)).
Hint: ofcourse you can allso plan your future visit and prepare and adventure for yourself !

DiscoverAll is an advanced web application which means that it works in all popular browsers - both mobile and desktop.

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